Man Dies Saving Sister in Tragic Bohol Cave Tragedy

Bohol Cave

In a tragic incident on Friday evening, June 28, 2024, a 28-year-old man lost his life while attempting to rescue his younger sister trapped inside Tubang Cave and Spring in Barangay Danicop, Antequera, Bohol. The confirmation came from Antequera Councilor ‘Sniper’ Johnny Coquilla during an interview with DYSS Super Radyo GMA.

Here are some details according to the report of Cebu Daily News.

Details of the Incident

Around 6 p.m., three Arnis players—an 18-year-old boy, a 16-year-old boy, and a 15-year-old girl—went to bathe in the spring against Coquilla’s advice. While exploring the cave within the spring, they were suddenly trapped as the water level rose, exacerbated by their lost submersible flashlight.

Rescue efforts began promptly after a call for help, with initial responders from the Bureau of Fire Protection and Tarsier Bohol hesitating to enter due to unfamiliar cave terrain. Authorities summoned the Philippine Coast Guard for assistance.

Ultimately, the two boys managed to escape, albeit one collapsing upon reaching safety. The 15-year-old girl struggled due to swimming requirements for escape.

Larry Cruz, 28, bravely volunteered, familiar with the cave’s layout, to rescue his sister. Despite making three attempts and reaching her, Cruz tragically drowned while attempting to aid her as she struggled to breathe inside the cave.

Aftermath and Closure

Rescuers successfully retrieved the 15-year-old girl, but found Cruz lifeless. The survivors are currently recovering in hospital care. Councilor Coquilla expressed plans to recommend restricting minors from accessing the spring, temporarily closing Tubang Cave and Spring, a vital water source for the town, following this unprecedented incident.

The community mourns the loss of Larry Cruz, who sacrificed his life in a heroic attempt to save his sister, highlighting the risks and challenges of cave exploration and the importance of safety measures in such natural environments.

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