Couple Set for ‘Take 2’ After Wedding Mishap; Parish Issues Apology

Wedding take 2

Janice Seit Suelto-Sagario shared her disappointment on social media after an incident marred her wedding day on June 8, 2024. According to her post, the officiating priest at Saint Andrew Parish Church in Amlan town, Negros Oriental, began the ceremony immediately upon her arrival, reproaching her and her entourage for being an hour late.

Here are some details according to the report of GMA Regional TV News.

Miscommunication and Unmet Expectations

Sagario explained that they were informed by a godmother serving at the church that the wedding rites were rescheduled to 9:30 a.m. due to the priest’s busy schedule. Church staff scolded them upon their 9 a.m. arrival, claiming they were an hour late despite arriving on time.

Feeling embarrassed and rushed, Sagario struggled to make her way down the aisle, compounded by the fact that she is heavily pregnant. The impolite and offensive behavior of the priest and staff left both the bride and groom distraught, with the latter shedding tears.

Upon learning of the incident, wedding suppliers in Negros Oriental rallied together to offer the couple a “Take 2” ceremony, covering all expenses. This gesture aims to give the couple the opportunity to enjoy their wedding day without the previous mishaps.

Parish Apology and Explanation

Saint Andrew Parish issued a statement clarifying that they officially scheduled the wedding for 8 a.m. and any unofficial changes relayed to the couple. The miscommunication stemmed from a lady sponsor who mistakenly conveyed the rescheduled time, leading to the unfortunate situation.

Furthermore, the parish acknowledged the emotional distress caused to the couple and their families, along with other guests affected by the incident. They expressed sincere apologies for any offense caused and emphasized their commitment to rectify the situation.

Despite the initial setback, the couple remains hopeful for their “Take 2” ceremony, with the support of their community and wedding suppliers. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of clear communication and empathy in such significant events.

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