Cebu City Declares Water Crisis: 28 Barangays in State of Calamity

Water Crisis

Cebu City Mayor Michael Rama, in a press conference on April 1, 2024, officially declared a water crisis affecting the city. The declaration comes amidst mounting concerns over the adverse effects of the ongoing El Niño phenomenon. Here are some details according to the report of GMA Regional TV News.

Barangays Under State of Calamity

Due to the severe impacts of the water shortage, authorities have placed a total of 28 mountain barangays in Cebu City under a state of calamity. City officials have yet to disclose the specific barangays affected by the crisis.

In affected areas, residents are grappling with limited access to water, leading to long queues of water containers awaiting rationing along the roadsides. Victoria Candule, a resident, shared the challenges of securing water, highlighting the need to stay up late to fill containers during the limited supply hours.

Adaptation Measures

To cope with the scarcity, residents like Victoria are adopting conservation strategies, such as reducing laundry rinses and repurposing water for toilet use. The situation is particularly dire for farmers, as witnessed in Sitio Sip-ak, Barangay Sudlon Uno, where crops have withered due to the prolonged dry spell.

The Cebu City Council had previously recommended declaring a state of calamity, emphasizing the dire conditions faced by farmers and the agricultural sector. The city has earmarked a significant portion of its Quick Response Funds, approximately P96 million, to address the agricultural impacts of the hot weather.

Continued Monitoring

Despite these measures, city officials are closely monitoring the situation and assessing the extent of damages to crops and livestock. The City Agriculture department is expected to report in detail on the overall impact and required interventions.

The declaration of a water crisis in Cebu City underscores the urgent need for coordinated efforts to mitigate the effects of the El Niño phenomenon. As communities grapple with water scarcity, effective governance and community resilience will be crucial in navigating through this challenging period.

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