Police Pursue Ex-Convict Suspect in Cebu City Killing


A senseless act of violence has rocked Barangay Toong in Cebu City, as authorities launch a manhunt for a former convict accused of fatally shooting another ex-convict in a disturbing altercation. The incident underscores the ongoing challenges of addressing criminality and maintaining public safety in local communities.

The Tragic Incident

According to Cebu Daily News, on March 18, tragedy struck Sitio Badiangan in Barangay Toong, Cebu City, when a heated argument between two former convicts escalated into a fatal confrontation. Christopher Plarisan, aged 33 and a resident of Toong, fell victim to the violent encounter, losing his life in a senseless act of brutality.

Eyewitnesses identified Judy Bacalso, a former convict with a history of criminal activity, as the perpetrator behind the deadly shooting. Bacalso, whose past includes a conviction for frustrated murder, allegedly engaged in a physical altercation with the victim before resorting to deadly force.

The Fatal Encounter

Initial reports from the Labangon Police Station 10 reveal that a dispute between Bacalso and Plarisan erupted into a physical brawl on the fateful day. However, the situation took a deadly turn when Bacalso, armed with a firearm, approached Plarisan and callously shot him in the head, abruptly ending his life.

In the aftermath of the tragic incident, law enforcement agencies have launched a concerted effort to apprehend the suspect and bring him to justice. With Bacalso still at large, authorities remain vigilant in their pursuit, determined to hold him accountable for his alleged actions.

As the search for Judy Bacalso intensifies, the community of Barangay Toong grapples with the aftermath of the senseless killing, mourning the loss of Christopher Plarisan and demanding justice for his untimely demise. The incident serves as a sobering reminder of the urgent need for effective crime prevention measures and the relentless pursuit of law enforcement efforts to ensure the safety and security of all citizens.

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