Shooting Incident Rocks Hotel, Allegedly Involving Range999


In a shocking turn of events, a violent altercation unfolded in the heart of Cebu City, resulting in a foreign national being wounded and a local rapper-singer facing arrest. The incident took place inside a hotel compound, sending shockwaves through the community. It raised questions about the escalating tensions and safety concerns in the area.

The Initial Shooting

According to Cebu Daily News, the tumultuous chain of events began in the early hours of Sunday morning when a shooting alarm reverberated through the streets of Cebu City. Reports surfaced of a confrontation outside a popular bar within a hotel complex. The altercation involved a foreign national and a Cebu-based rapper known as “Range999.” The victim, Michael George Richey, fell victim to gunshot wounds, prompting a frantic rush to transport him to a nearby hospital for urgent medical attention.


Suspect’s Admission

In a startling revelation, the accused rapper, Jed Andrew Salera, confessed to his involvement in the shooting. He cited provocation from the victim’s alleged inappropriate behavior towards his female acquaintances. Salera, under his professional alias “Range999,” expressed indignation at Richey’s perceived disrespect and misconduct. He stated that he felt compelled to intervene in defense of his friends’ honor.

However, conflicting narratives emerged regarding the sequence of events leading up to the shooting. While Salera attributed his actions to a desire to protect his female companions, law enforcement officials revealed discrepancies in his whereabouts at the time of the initial altercation. Police Major Romeo Caacoy clarified that Salera was not present during the earlier disturbance at the bar. This casts doubt on the rapper’s justification for the shooting.

Investigation and Arrest

Amidst mounting scrutiny and public outcry, authorities launched a comprehensive investigation into the incident, gathering evidence and testimonies to ascertain the truth. Surveillance footage captured the moment of the shooting, implicating Salera as the perpetrator. Police subsequently apprehended him at a nearby residence, where they found him in possession of a firearm believed to be linked to the crime.,


Legal Ramifications

As the investigation unfolds, Range999 faces charges of frustrated homicide, reflecting the severity of his alleged actions and the gravity of the situation. The legal proceedings are poise to uncover the factors behind the altercation and assign accountability for the tragic outcome. Meanwhile, the wounded victim continues to receive medical treatment, his recovery overshadowed by the trauma of the ordeal.

The shooting incident has reverberated throughout the community, sparking concerns about safety and security in Cebu City. Calls for heightened vigilance and preventive measures have intensified, underscoring the urgent need for proactive efforts to address violence and maintain public order. Amidst the shooting aftermath, solidarity and support for the victim and their loved ones are paramount. This serves as a testament to the resilience and unity of the community in the face of adversity.

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