Robbers Foiled by Quick-Thinking Teller in Liloan Pawnshop Heist

Pawnshop Robbers
Pawnshop Robbers

Liloan, Cebu – Two novice robbers faced a rude awakening when their attempt to rob a prominent pawnshop chain in Barangay Poblacion was thwarted by an alert teller who triggered the alarm system. The incident occurred on Wednesday, January 10, 2024, at 3:55 PM.

According to Police Major Eric Gingoyon, the Chief of Liloan Police Station, the two robbers were inexperienced, as evident from their actions during the heist. Gingoyon described how one of the tellers at the pawnshop activated the alarm system, catching the robbers off guard.

“They were newcomers; that’s what I observed from the CCTV footage. When the alarm went off, they panicked. Instead of successfully robbing the place, they resorted to firing shots,” said Gingoyon.

The two robbers hastily arrived at the scene on a Nmax motorcycle, brandishing their firearms and declaring a hold-up. However, their plans quickly unraveled when one of the tellers triggered the alarm.

One of the robbers fired a shot, and the bullet hit the ceiling. Realizing their failed attempt, the duo fled in a southern direction from the town center.

In their haste, the robbers inadvertently exposed their motorcycle’s plate number on the CCTV camera footage.

Authorities suspect that the robbers targeted establishments without security guards. This incident follows a similar attempted robbery in Mandaue City early on the same Wednesday, where the same robbers allegedly struck a 7-Eleven store in Barangay Alang-alang.

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