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Senator Proposes Transfer of Manila Zoo to Masungi Georeserve

Manila Zoo to Masungi

In a bold proposal aimed at improving animal welfare and conservation efforts, Senator Francis Tolentino suggested relocating the 65-year-old Manila Zoo from its current urban setting in Malate, Manila, to the serene environs of Masungi Georeserve in Baras, Rizal.

Here are some details according to the report of The Philippine Star.

Rationale for Relocation

Senator Tolentino emphasized that transferring the zoo to Masungi Georeserve would provide a more natural habitat for the animals, offering them a conducive environment closer to their natural conditions. Highlighting the challenges faced by animals in urban settings, such as small enclosures, exposure to urban noise, heat, and pollution, Tolentino argued for a shift that would enhance the animals’ quality of life.

Drawing inspiration from successful models like the San Diego National Park in the United States, which houses the renowned San Diego Zoo, Tolentino proposed integrating best practices in wildlife conservation and sustainable tourism into the development of Masungi Georeserve.

Ann Adeling Dumaliang, co-founder of the Masungi Georeserve Foundation, expressed support for Tolentino’s initiative, noting that such a move would align with broader efforts in environmental education and sustainable development. She highlighted the potential of integrating animal protection activities within a larger master plan for the georeserve, emphasizing the harmony between conservation and responsible tourism.

Preserving Heritage and Identity

Tolentino also referenced the successful relocation of Manila Boys Town to Rizal, underscoring the possibility of retaining the name “Manila Zoo” while operating under the jurisdiction of the Manila city government. This approach ensures continuity while leveraging the natural and educational benefits of Masungi Georeserve.

As discussions progress, stakeholders anticipate further exploration of how this ambitious proposal can enhance both animal welfare and visitor experiences, positioning Masungi Georeserve as a model for sustainable conservation practices in the Philippines.

Senator Tolentino’s vision represents a significant step towards aligning environmental stewardship with public engagement, aiming to create a more harmonious and sustainable future for wildlife and visitors alike.

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Written by Ruben Licera

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