Chinese Embassy Urges PH Government to Ban POGOs

Government ban POGOs

The Chinese Embassy in the Philippines on Friday called on the Philippine government to ban Philippine offshore gaming operations (POGOs), highlighting that many of these operations involve Chinese nationals.

Here are some details according to the report of ABS-CBN News.

Call for Action

“Chinese law prohibits all forms of gambling. The Chinese government strictly cracks down on Chinese citizens engaging in gambling business abroad including POGO,” the embassy stated. This statement was in response to inquiries about the recent crackdown on POGO hubs within the country.

The embassy emphasized that POGOs are detrimental to both Philippine and Chinese interests and could harm China-Philippines relations. It has been coordinating with Philippine authorities regarding Chinese nationals involved in illegal activities related to these gaming operations.

Rooting Out a Social Ill

The embassy urged the Philippine government to ban POGOs to eliminate this “social ill.” “We appeal to the Philippines to ban POGO at an early date so as to root out this social ill. And we firmly oppose any baseless accusation and smearing against China in connection with POGO,” the statement read.

This appeal follows a significant raid on June 4 by the Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Commission (PAOCC), Philippine National Police, and other law enforcement agencies. The raid targeted the Lucky South 99 compound, which is significantly larger than the Baofu Compound in Bamban where two illegal POGOs were previously operational.

The Chinese embassy’s call to ban POGOs underscores the ongoing efforts to tackle illegal gambling activities and their associated social issues, reflecting the broader implications for international relations and domestic policy in the Philippines.

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