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Suspected Chinese Military Uniforms Found in Porac POGO Hub

Chinese Military Uniforms in POGO hub

In addition to cellphones, computers, and suspected illegal drugs, authorities discovered uniforms believed to belong to the Chinese military at the Lucky South 99 POGO hub in Porac, Pampanga. The camouflage uniforms, found on the third floor of Building 11, had buttons marked with the initials “P.L.A.,” possibly indicating the People’s Liberation Army of China.

Here are some details according to the report of ABS-CBN News.

PNP Statement

Police Col. Jean Fajardo, spokesperson for the Philippine National Police, stated that it is premature to conclude the uniforms are from the Chinese military. She emphasized the absence of solid proof supporting this claim. “We will conduct research to compare whether these uniforms are indeed the usual uniforms worn by other countries,” she stated.

Authorities report that criminals are using the facilities within the 10-hectare compound for scamming, kidnapping, and human trafficking. These include sex trafficking and torture.

Amid the ongoing investigation into Lucky South 99, authorities relieved Police Col. Levi Hope Basilio, the chief of Pampanga, of his post. Authorities previously relieved the chief of police of Porac Municipal Police Station to prevent any perception of a cover-up during the investigation.

Possible Negligence in Duty

Authorities are investigating police officials for possible negligence in their duties. Investigators are examining why they did not detect the presence of the alleged ‘scam farm’ earlier in their area of responsibility. “We will check if there was a failure of supervision,” Fajardo noted.

Police LtCol. Maylanie Castillo, the current deputy provincial director for administration of the Pampanga Provincial Police Office, will temporarily serve as the chief of Pampanga police.

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