Heightened Alert: Phivolcs Warns of Potential Further Explosive Activity at Kanlaon Volcano

Kanlaon Volcano

Following a recent eruption at Kanlaon Volcano, the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) issued a warning of potential further explosive events. Highlighting the volcano’s volatile nature, Phivolcs emphasized the likelihood of additional phreatic or similar explosive events occurring in the future.

Here are some details according to the report of The Philippine Star.

Eruption Details and Seismic Activity

The minor eruption, which lasted six minutes, resulted in the emission of five-kilometer plumes on Monday evening. Phivolcs reported a total of two volcanic tectonic earthquakes and 81 volcanic earthquakes both before and after the eruption, indicating heightened seismic activity in the region.

In response to the eruption, Phivolcs raised the alert level of Kanlaon Volcano from level 1 (abnormal) to alert level 2 (increasing unrest). The eruption generated a voluminous and incandescent plume, reaching 5,000 meters above the vent. Coarse ashfall and sulfurous odors were reported in communities on the volcano’s western slopes.

Safety Measures and Flight Disruptions

To ensure public safety, strict prohibition has been imposed on entry into the four-kilometer permanent danger zone. Additionally, flight operations have been affected, with 74 domestic flights in and out of Manila and other domestic hubs canceled due to the eruption. The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) issued notices to airmen (NOTAMs) and implemented flight adjustments in response to the volcanic activity.

Authorities conducted preemptive evacuations, evacuating approximately 170 families or 796 individuals due to the heightened volcanic activity. Government agencies and humanitarian organizations are supporting evacuees in multiple evacuation centers to assist affected communities. Both sectors are working together to ensure the well-being of those displaced by the disaster. The military, police, and coast guard are ramping up preparations for disaster response to safeguard affected residents’ safety. They aim to ensure prompt humanitarian assistance and maintain public well-being.

Furthermore, as Kanlaon Volcano remains under heightened alert, authorities continue to monitor the situation closely and implement necessary measures to mitigate risks and ensure public safety. Vigilance and preparedness remain paramount as communities brace for potential further volcanic activity in the coming days.

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