Investigating Mayor Alice Guo: Unraveling the Discrepancies

Mayor Alice Guo

Mayor Alice Guo of Bamban, Tarlac, faced the Senate once again, but her testimony only seemed to deepen the mystery surrounding her involvement in illegal Philippine offshore gaming operations (POGOs). Here are five key inconsistencies highlighted during the exhaustive four-hour inquiry, according to the report of Rappler.

1. Familiarity with Siblings

During previous testimonies, Guo claimed ignorance about her siblings, Sheila and Seimen Guo. However, travel records from the Bureau of Immigration painted a different picture, revealing that they had traveled together multiple times. Several companies listed Sheila and Seimen as Guo’s co-incorporators, raising doubts about her assertion of familial detachment.

Guo defended her stance, stating that she lied to protect her siblings’ privacy, insisting they were private individuals. However, this explanation failed to quell suspicions about her credibility.

2. Conflicting Parentage Claims

In an exclusive interview, Guo disclosed that she was a love child of Angelito Guo, a Chinese national, and Amelia Leal, a Filipino who served as a house help for Angelito’s wife. However, Senator Risa Hontiveros unearthed birth certificates indicating that Sheila and Seimen share the same mother, Amelia, contradicting Guo’s narrative of having paternal half-siblings.

This revelation raised questions about Guo’s lineage and the veracity of her claims about her parentage.

3. Lack of Documentation for Parents

Another puzzling revelation emerged when it was discovered that there were no birth records for Guo’s parents, Angelito Guo and Amelia Leal. This absence of official documentation cast doubt on the existence of Guo’s parents and further deepened the mystery surrounding her background.

Moreover, the lack of marriage records for the couple added another layer of intrigue, prompting speculation about the authenticity of Guo’s familial ties.

4. Discrepancy in Wealth and Lifestyle

Despite portraying herself as a modest individual, Guo’s financial disclosures painted a different picture. It was revealed that she owned at least 16 vehicles and possessed substantial assets, suggesting a significant disparity between her proclaimed status and her actual lifestyle.

Senator Hontiveros pointed out the glaring inconsistency, highlighting the discrepancy between Guo’s modest persona and her affluent possessions, which raised concerns about the transparency of her financial disclosures.

5. Denial of Association with POGO Representative

Initially denying any knowledge of Nancy Gamo, the representative of the raided POGO company Zun Yuan Technology Incorporated, Guo’s testimony took another twist when she later admitted familiarity with Gamo. This revelation raised suspicions about Guo’s honesty and integrity, particularly given Gamo’s alleged involvement in various businesses under Guo’s name.

Senator Hontiveros expressed skepticism about Guo’s claims, suggesting that her association with Gamo could constitute a conflict of interest and potentially violate the Graft and Corrupt Practices Act.


The testimony of Mayor Alice Guo left more questions than answers, highlighting the need for further investigation into her alleged involvement in illegal activities. The discrepancies in her testimony underscore the importance of transparency and accountability in public office, urging authorities to delve deeper into the complexities of her background and associations.

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