Water Conservation Effortlessly: Practical Tips Amid El Niño

Water Conservation

Amid concerns of water scarcity intensified by El Niño, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) recognizes the need for practical and easily adoptable water-saving strategies. Here are some details according to the report of ABS-CBN News.

Effortless Solutions for Water Conservation

Acknowledging the challenges posed by labor-intensive conservation practices, Undersecretary Carlos Primo David underscores the importance of recommending measures that are convenient for the majority. Efforts aim to maximize water savings with minimal effort.

While some conservation methods may prove impractical, particularly those affecting hygiene and sanitation, the DENR encourages the adoption of feasible alternatives. For instance, delaying toilet flushing can be substituted with placing a water-filled bottle inside the tank to reduce water usage per flush.

Detecting Leaks

Adding food coloring to the tank simplifies the detection of leaks in toilets. A visible color transfer to the bowl indicates a leak, prompting necessary repairs and significant water savings.

For those constructing homes, opting for fixtures equipped with water-saving features, such as dual flush toilets, presents an opportunity to conserve water effortlessly.

Small adjustments in daily routines, like washing fruits in a basin instead of under running water and reducing shower time, can collectively contribute to substantial water savings.

Despite dwindling reservoir levels, current water allocations for irrigation and potable use remain unchanged. However, proactive conservation efforts are essential to maintain adequate water levels, especially during critical months.

Call to Action

David emphasizes the significance of collective efforts in water conservation, stressing that modest individual actions, if adopted by all, can avert the need for water rationing and mitigate the impact of water scarcity.

As of April 4, the Angat Dam water level stood at 197.87 meters, underscoring the importance of sustained conservation efforts to ensure water sufficiency in the face of impending challenges.

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