Kristel Fulgar Bravely Faces Rare Leg Tumor, Undergoes Surgery

Kristel Fulgar

Singer and content creator Kristel Fulgar recently shared her journey of undergoing surgery to remove a rare tumor found in her leg. With courage and determination, she faced the diagnosis and made the difficult decision to undergo the necessary medical procedure. Here are some details according to the report of Rappler.

Discovery and Diagnosis

In a heartfelt YouTube vlog released on Friday, March 22, Fulgar revealed that she first discovered a lump in her leg in August 2022. Concerned, she pursued medical consultations and tests, eventually receiving the diagnosis of schwannoma, a rare tumor originating from Schwann cells in the nervous system.

The news of her diagnosis deeply affected Fulgar emotionally, triggering anxiety and uncertainty about her health. She candidly shared how the experience challenged her mental well-being, leading to sleepless nights filled with worry and apprehension.

Decision for Surgery

Despite the emotional turmoil, Fulgar faced the difficult decision of whether to undergo surgery. After careful consideration and monitoring of the tumor’s growth, she ultimately chose to proceed with the procedure due to the potential risk of malignancy associated with the tumor’s size and progression.

In January 2024, Fulgar traveled to South Korea for the surgery, recognizing the expertise of the medical professionals there in treating such conditions. Despite being far from home, she found support and care from her Korean acquaintance, Sun Hyuk, who stood by her side during her hospitalization.

Recovery and Support

Following the successful surgery, Fulgar returned to the Philippines for her recovery, where she received nurturing care from her mother. The journey toward healing continues as she focuses on regaining her strength and well-being.

The journey of Kristel Fulgar of facing and overcoming a rare leg tumor serves as a testament to her resilience and bravery. Through her openness and vulnerability, she sheds light on the importance of mental health awareness and the power of seeking support during challenging times. As she continues her recovery journey, Fulgar’s story inspires hope and courage in others facing similar adversities.

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