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Controversial TikTok Video Sparks Concern Over Teacher’s Behavior

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A video circulating on social media platforms, particularly TikTok, has stirred controversy as it depicts a female individual, purportedly a teacher, reprimanding her students in a manner deemed inappropriate by many. The Department of Education (DepEd) has initiated an investigation into the matter to ascertain its authenticity and determine the appropriate course of action. Here are some details according to Manila Bulletin.

DepEd’s Response

Deputy Spokesperson and Assistant Secretary Francis Bringas affirmed that DepEd is actively investigating the video to verify its authenticity. He emphasized the necessity of a comprehensive incident report to guide further actions in compliance with DepEd’s policies. Updates regarding the investigation will be disseminated as soon as they become available.

The Content of the Video

The viral video captures a female individual, presumed to be a teacher, delivering a vehement lecture to her students. In a span of two minutes and eleven seconds, she employs harsh language, labeling her students with derogatory terms such as “ugaling iskwater” (having squatter mentality), “ingrato” (ungrateful), and asserting that they will not succeed in life. Her tirade further escalates as she admonishes the students for disrespecting boundaries and belittling teachers.

Reactions from Netizens

The video has sparked a flurry of reactions across social media platforms. On Facebook, where the video has garnered significant attention, users expressed shock and concern over the teacher’s conduct. Many condemned her use of derogatory language and questioned her suitability as an educator. Calls for action from DepEd to address the situation swiftly have been echoed by concerned individuals online.

DepEd has previously issued guidelines regarding the use of social media by teachers during classes, as outlined in DepEd Order No. 49, s. 2022, aimed at promoting professionalism in education delivery. The dissemination of the video on TikTok raises questions about compliance with these policies. It underscores the need for educators to exercise prudence in their online interactions.

Recurrence of Similar Incidents

This incident is not an isolated one, as evidenced by a previous viral TikTok video involving a male teacher that hinted at potential child abuse. Such occurrences underscore the importance of vigilant oversight and adherence to established protocols within the education sector.

As the investigation into this controversial TikTok video unfolds, it underscores the critical importance of maintaining professionalism and respect within educational settings. DepEd’s commitment to addressing the matter in accordance with established protocols serves as a testament to its dedication to upholding the integrity of the education system. In the interim, stakeholders continue to monitor developments and await further updates from DepEd regarding the outcome of their investigation.

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