President Marcos Jr. Condemns Maguindanao Ambush, Vows Swift Justice for Fallen Soldiers


President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. expressed strong condemnation for the cowardly ambush perpetrated by suspected Dawlah Islamiya terrorists in Maguindanao del Sur, resulting in the tragic loss of four soldiers on Sunday. The president’s resolute stance underscores the government’s unwavering commitment to combat terrorism and ensure justice for the fallen heroes. Here are some details according to the report of ABS-CBN News….

Official Condemnation and Resolve

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In a statement posted on social media platform X, President Marcos Jr. denounced the despicable ambush, emphasizing its detrimental impact on national security and unity. He reaffirmed his administration’s determination to eradicate terrorism from the region and the entire nation. He highlighted the imperative of collective resolve in confronting such acts of violence.

President Marcos Jr. assured swift action in providing support and assistance to the families of the fallen soldiers. He emphasized the government’s duty to honor their sacrifice and alleviate the burden of their loss. He underscored the importance of solidarity in rallying behind the affected families and extending compassionate aid during their time of mourning.

Amidst the tragedy, President Marcos Jr. called for national unity and solidarity in the face of adversity. He urged citizens to stand together in the pursuit of a safer, stronger, and insurgency-free Philippines. He emphasized the collective responsibility to combat terrorism and uphold the nation’s security.

Military Condemnation

Leadership within the 6th Infantry Division and Joint Task Force Central echoed President Marcos Jr.’s condemnation of the ambush. They emphasized the need for justice and accountability. Major General Alex S. Rillera, head of the 6ID/JTFC, provided insights into the circumstances of the attack. He highlights the soldiers’ commitment to duty even during the observance of Ramadan.

The Philippine Army affirmed its commitment to extending assistance to the families of the fallen soldiers. They underscored the military’s solidarity with the bereaved families during this challenging period. The pledge of support reflects the armed forces’ unwavering dedication to honoring their fallen comrades and providing essential aid to their loved ones.

President Marcos Jr.’s unequivocal condemnation of the Maguindanao ambush serves as a testament to the government’s determination to confront terrorism and safeguard national security. The administration is committed to justice and supporting fallen soldiers’ families. It aims to unite the nation in the face of adversity.

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