Couple Stopped at NAIA Over Alleged Bullet in Bag

Bullet in Bag

An incident at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) almost derailed a couple’s trip when airport security personnel reportedly found a bullet in their bag during inspection. The incident has raised concerns and sparked debate over security measures and the reemergence of alleged planting of bullets in passengers’ luggage.

The Incident

According to Tutubi News Magazine, in January, airport authorities halted a couple headed to Thailand during the final security check at NAIA after allegedly discovering a bullet in their bag. The wife, identified as “Charity,” denied ownership of the bullet, emphasizing the pristine condition of her belongings.

Prior to the bag inspection, Charity recounted experiencing unusual encounters at the airport, including civilians questioning her and minor collisions.

The Office for Transportation Security (OTS) refuted claims of a resurgence in the “bullet-planting” scheme, labeling it a thing of the past. OTS Officer-in-Charge Jose Briones emphasized the utilization of automated systems for baggage screening, which, if flagged for suspicion, undergo manual inspection.

Briones suggested the possibility that the bullet was indeed in the couple’s possession, as indicated by the airport’s screening process.

The Couple’s Defense

Charity vehemently denied ownership of the bullet, citing their possession of a license and questioning the rationale behind a licensed gun owner carrying a bullet in plastic packaging within an airport premises.

Despite the ordeal, the couple was allowed to board their flight without charges being filed against them.

While the couple’s experience ended without legal ramifications, the incident at NAIA underscores the importance of robust security measures and vigilant monitoring to prevent potential threats. The dialogue sparked by this incident highlights the ongoing efforts to balance security protocols with passenger rights and safety at airports.

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