Filipino Cruise Worker Arrested in Florida for Planting Spy Cameras in Bathroom

Spy Cameras

The tranquil setting of a luxury cruise ship was shattered by allegations of voyeurism as a 34-year-old Filipino stateroom attendant stands accused of planting spy cameras to spy on guests, particularly targeting underage girls.

Arrest at Port Everglades

According to Cebu Daily News, authorities apprehended Arvin Joseph Mirasol, employed on Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas, at Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Federal documents reveal disturbing details of Mirasol’s alleged actions, leading to charges of voyeurism and possession and production of child pornography.

A chilling discovery unfolded on Feb. 25 when a guest and her two young daughters stumbled upon a concealed camera in their bathroom, strategically affixed beneath the sink. Mirasol’s subsequent detainment by ship security officers and the Broward Sheriff’s Office confirmed the severity of the situation.

Allegations and Admission

Investigators found incriminating evidence, including videos of naked females undressing and child pornography on Mirasol’s USB stick. Mirasol admitted to his obsession with spying, confessing to targeting guests, particularly young girls, since December of the previous year.

Mirasol’s admissions paint a disturbing picture of his actions, including hiding under beds in guests’ rooms while they showered. His method of selecting rooms for camera installation was chillingly nonchalant, based on his preferences for the occupants, particularly teenage girls aged 16 and older.

Swift Action by Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean swiftly responded to the allegations, emphasizing a zero-tolerance stance on such behavior. They promptly reported the incident to law enforcement and terminated Mirasol’s employment, underscoring their commitment to passenger safety.

As the investigation unfolds, the shocking revelations serve as a stark reminder of the importance of vigilance and accountability in ensuring the safety and security of all cruise ship passengers.

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