Transgender Filipinos Charged with Assault in Bangkok Brawl


Amidst a tumultuous scene in Bangkok, Thailand, involving a brawl between transgender individuals, two Filipinos find themselves facing assault charges, as reported by Thai media outlets.

Indictment and Charges

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According to ABS-CBN News, the two transgender Filipinos were formally charged with assault on Wednesday afternoon, stemming from their alleged involvement in an altercation with transgender Thais.

Police authorities, led by Police Maj. Gen. Witthawat Chinkham, are actively seeking a third Filipino suspect believed to be still within Thailand’s borders.

While some of the transgender Filipinos implicated in the brawl have departed for the Philippines, one remains at large, complicating the ongoing investigation.

An injured Filipino involved in the incident opted not to pursue legal action, opting instead to settle the matter directly with the alleged assailant.

Following the incident, tensions escalated when a Thai individual took to social media, calling on the LGBTQ+ community to defend the dignity of Thai LGBTQ+ individuals.

Embassy Reports

The Philippine Embassy in Bangkok confirmed that four Filipinos sustained injuries during the altercation and are cooperating with Thai authorities.

Reports indicate that the altercation erupted amid reports of a turf war involving over a hundred Thai transgender sex workers outside the hotel where the Filipinos were staying.

Viral videos captured the chaotic scene as the situation quickly spiraled out of control, resulting in clashes between the Filipinos, the Thai transgender individuals, and local law enforcement.

Approximately 20 other transgender Filipinos relocated or returned to the Philippines due to safety concerns following threats received in the aftermath of the brawl.

Thai authorities are investigating whether the involved Filipinos were working illegally in Thailand, shedding light on potential visa and employment violations.

The Philippine Embassy remains engaged in assisting the affected Filipinos while cooperating with Thai authorities in their investigation into the incident.

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