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PDEA Region 6 Intensifies Efforts for a Secure and Drug-Free Dinagyang Festival

Drug-Free Dinagyang Festival
Drug-Free Dinagyang Festival

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) Region 6 has heightened its security measures to ensure a drug-free environment during the Dinagyang Festival. Recognizing the increased demand for illegal drugs during festive events, PDEA-6, in collaboration with other law enforcement units, is focusing on monitoring local ports that could potentially be utilized by drug peddlers.

Ma. Graziella Tanaleon, spokesperson for PDEA-6, emphasized the intensified surveillance of ports, airports, and terminals in the region. This initiative, underway since December, involves the deployment of narco-detection units not only in the City of Iloilo but throughout Western Visayas.

According to the report by Panay News, the deployment of narco-detection units forms part of the agency’s preemptive strategy to combat drug-related activities before they escalate during the festive season. The collaborative efforts of PDEA-6 with other law enforcement units aim to create a secure environment for festival-goers and residents alike.

As Dinagyang Festival draws near, the intensified security measures underscore the commitment of PDEA-6 to uphold the safety and well-being of the community. The proactive stance, coupled with ongoing surveillance, reflects the agency’s dedication to curbing the influence of illegal drugs and ensuring a celebration free from the specter of substance abuse.

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