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From Vegetable Vendor to Miss Universe Philippines: Alexie Brooks’ Extraordinary Rise

Vendor to Miss Universe
Vendor to Miss Universe

Alexie Mae Caimoso Brooks, born in Metro Manila to an overseas Filipino worker in Lebanon, has emerged as the pride of Iloilo City as she recently clinched the title of Miss Iloilo 2024. The 22-year-old beauty queen, with a striking resemblance to Miss Universe 2019 Zozibini Tunzi from South Africa, has a remarkable journey from being a vegetable vendor to a rising star in the beauty pageant scene.

Raised in the mountainous town of Leon, Iloilo, Brooks was cared for by her grandmother, fondly called Lola Basing. Ss she grew up without knowing her father. Despite facing challenges such as bullying due to her skin color and curly hair, as well as economic hardships, Brooks credits her grandmother as the driving force behind her dreams.

“My grandma is my life, she’s the drive. Without her, I don’t think I would be the same Alexie that I am right now. Without her, I don’t think I have this dream. I don’t think I would be able to achieve the achievement that I have right now because everything I do right now and everything I have done is also for her,” expressed Brooks.

Brooks narrated the difficulties of her childhood, sharing moments when she didn’t have lunch to bring to school and had to resort to unconventional meals like boiled corn and rice. Despite the challenges, her grandmother’s encouragement fueled her determination to pursue education and sports.

Under the guidance of Lola Basing, Brooks excelled in athletics. She earns numerous gold medals both locally and internationally in high jump. After school, she dedicated her time to help her grandmother sell vegetables in the market. Emphasizing the importance of dreaming big.

“We have a stall in the supermarket. Every Friday night after school, I would go there and help my grandma. Our space was small, but ever since my grandma told me just dream big,” shared Brooks.

The crowning achievement came on Sunday, January 14, when Brooks was hailed as Miss Iloilo 2024, garnering several awards. She dedicated her success to her beloved Lola Basing.

“My grandma, I really came from nothing. Someone saw you, someone believed in you, someone encouraged you, someone gave you love without you even asking. And when she gave you all those love without me even asking, I know that moment that I need to return even more of what she gave to me.” Expressed an emotional Brooks.

Now, the Ilongga beauty queen is gearing up for the Miss Universe Philippines 2024. It is where she will represent Iloilo City in the country’s most prestigious beauty pageant. Alexie Mae Caimoso Brooks has become an inspiration. Not only for her remarkable journey but also for her dedication to pursuing dreams against all odds.

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Written by Ruben Licera

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