Elderly Woman Fatally Hit by Cargo Vehicle on Pedestrian Lane in Minglanilla, Cebu

Woman Hit by Cargo
Woman Hit by Cargo

In Minglanilla, Cebu, tragedy struck on January 9, 2024, as 82-year-old woman, Asuncion Sellote Duque lost her life as she was fatally hit by a cargo vehicle. The incident occurred at around 5 p.m. as Duque, along with 58-year-old Estela Trason, was crossing the pedestrian lane in front of Telano Market in Barangay Lipata.

The Minglanilla police, led by Captain Kalvin Golitod, swiftly launched an investigation into the unfortunate incident. Preliminary findings revealed that the driver, Jimmy Castro Mesa from Barangay Balirong, Naga City, swerved his van in an attempt to avoid two vehicles turning left. Tragically, this maneuver led to a collision with Duque and Trason on the pedestrian lane.

Both victims, residents of Lipata, were promptly transport to the Minglanilla District Hospital. Regrettably, Duque was pronounced dead, while Trason sustained injuries. The driver of the van is currently in police custody. Facing the serious consequences of his involvement in this tragic event.

This heart-wrenching accident underscores the crucial need for heightened vigilance and enhanced safety measures for pedestrians. Especially in bustling areas such as marketplaces. It also highlights the vital responsibility of drivers to strictly adhere to road safety regulations. Emphasizing the potential consequences of failure to do so.

The community now grapples with the loss of Asuncion Duque, mourning a life tragically cut short. Hopes are fervent for the recovery of Estela Trason as she faces the physical and emotional aftermath of the incident.

In the wake of this tragedy, discussions about pedestrian safety are reignite. Prompting a collective call for increased awareness and adherence to road safety measures. As Minglanilla mourns the passing of one of its own, the incident serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of fostering a culture of road safety within communities.

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Written by Ruben Licera

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