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Joy and Sorrow: Robi Domingo’s Wedding Day Marked by Grandmother’s Passing

Robi Domingo's wedding
Robi Domingo's wedding

Television host Robi Domingo’s wedding day was an experienced pinnacle of joy and the depths of sorrow. Robi and his non-showbiz partner, Maiqui Pineda, celebrated their marriage in an intimate ceremony, only to learn later that his grandmother had passed away on the same morning.

A few days following the wedding, Robi shared this bittersweet moment on social media. He recounted how January 6 was filled with happiness and gratitude, from the morning preparations to the ceremony and the reception that lasted until dawn. However, the day took an emotional turn when his mother, in tears, informed him about the loss of his beloved grandmother.

Robi’s family chose to withhold the sad news until after the festivities to not overshadow the couple’s special day. Reflecting on the memories he shared with his grandmother, whom he affectionately called ‘Ina’, Robi expressed his love and gratitude. He fondly remembered her care during his early years and her delicious ube halaya and leche flan.

Ending his message, Robi paid tribute to his late grandmother, asking for her continued watch over the family alongside his late grandfather, ‘ama’. The intertwining of deep personal loss with the celebration of his new marital life highlights the complex tapestry of emotions and experiences that define our human journey. Despite the sadness, Robi and Maiqui’s wedding signifies the beginning of their life together, underlined by the enduring bonds of family and love.

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