Ex-Cop Nabbed with Nearly P10M Illegal Drugs in Cagayan de Oro

Ex-Cop with Illegal Drugs

An ex-cop, previously arrested thrice for alleged involvement in the illegal drugs trade, was apprehended once again in Cagayan de Oro. Authorities seized sachets of suspected shabu weighing over one kilogram and valued at nearly P10 million from his possession.

Here are some details according to the report of GMA Regional TV News.

Modus Operandi and Arrest

The suspect and a companion were caught leaving packages of illegal drugs on the road. They would then take photographs of the packages and send these images to clients via a messenger application. The clients would then pick up the packages from the designated spots.

The ex-policeman was dismissed from service in 2017 and had been arrested thrice for similar offenses. He was under probation for his last offense at the time of this recent arrest. His companion, who was also arrested, has been detained previously for the same crime. Both suspects are now in custody and will face drug charges once again.

Police Statement

Brigadier General Ricardo Layug Jr., Director of Police Regional Office-Northern Mindanao (PRO-10), emphasized the significance of the arrests in the ongoing fight against illegal drugs. “The arrest of these two suspects underscores the continuous efforts of PRO-10 in combating illegal drug activities. We will continuously intensify our intel-driven operations along with our proactive measures to ensure these drug peddlers are brought to justice,” Layug stated.

The arrest of the former policeman and his companion showcases law enforcement’s ongoing efforts to combat the regional drug trade. This reinforces their commitment to maintaining public safety and order.

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