Guns, Bullets Discovered in Room Abandoned by Renter in CDO

Guns and Bullets Discovered

Authorities in Cagayan de Oro discovered high-powered guns and bullets inside a room abandoned by a renter in Barangay Bugo. The firearms were found after the landlord sought assistance from the police and barangay officials to open the room, which had been left unoccupied since October 2023.

Here are some details according to the report of GMA Regional TV News.

Surprise Find in Abandoned Room

Upon entering the room, police found a shotgun, a handgun, and a significant amount of ammunition. The former occupant concealed the weapons in the rented space and left them behind.

Major Sabino Labitad, Chief of Police Station 6, expressed concern about the potential danger of abandoned firearms. He noted that if unauthorized individuals accessed the room, the risks could escalate.

“Medyo delikado siya kay kung pananglitan nga kanang balay masudlan sa lain siguro makita sa atong mga igsuon nga wala naman gapuyo diha sirado unya basin lungkabon matimingan nga makuha ang maong armas gamiton sa dautan nga paagi na magkaproblema na hinuon ang police station,” Labitad said.

Investigation Underway

Authorities are examining whether the firearms have valid licenses and are also checking if they have been involved in any criminal activities. Police are verifying the identity of the renter to understand the circumstances of the abandoned firearms. They are also investigating why the renter left the room abruptly without retrieving the guns.

“Among gitutukan karon palawman pa namo na nga imbestigasyon kung unsa gyud nag hinungdan kung unsa gyud ang motibo kung ngano kalit lang siya nawala diha dapita,” Labitad added.

Authorities are urging gun owners to responsibly manage their firearms, highlighting the risks of neglect or abandonment. They warn that unscrupulous individuals can take unsecured guns and use them to commit crimes. Major Labitad cautioned that proper care and accountability are critical to preventing the misuse of firearms.

The investigation into the abandoned room and its contents is ongoing. The police are working to establish any links to criminal activity and ensure public safety in the area.

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