Quiboloy Eludes Authorities Again Amid Ongoing Search


Despite an extensive search of his properties, fugitive preacher Apollo Quiboloy remains elusive as authorities in Davao conducted another round of searches on Wednesday, April 10. The Office of the Senate Sergeant-at-Arms (OSSAA) served a contempt warrant against Quiboloy through his lawyer, highlighting the continued efforts to apprehend him. Here are some details according to the report of Rappler.

Admission and Allegations

Quiboloy’s evasion of law enforcement comes after his admission on Saturday, April 6, that he was actively avoiding authorities due to concerns about potential repercussions from the United States. He faces a litany of charges in both the US and the Philippines, including sexual abuse, human trafficking, fraud, and money laundering.

Despite the thorough search of Quiboloy’s properties, including the famed “Prayer Mountain,” authorities found no trace of the preacher. Speculation abounds regarding his whereabouts, with suggestions that he may have left Davao or is receiving assistance to evade capture. However, authorities remain vigilant and committed to locating him.

Legal Proceedings and Future Actions

Quiboloy’s legal team has reportedly anticipated the arrest warrants, allowing them time to strategize. Nevertheless, authorities vow to persist in their search efforts, with plans to report back to the Davao court by Monday, April 15. Should Quiboloy remain at large beyond this deadline, the court may issue further warrants until his apprehension.

Despite Quiboloy’s absence, his followers have expressed willingness to cooperate with authorities, affirming their transparency and openness during the search operations. This collaborative effort underscores the community’s commitment to facilitating the legal process and resolving the ongoing situation.

As the search for Quiboloy continues, authorities emphasize their determination to uphold the rule of law and ensure accountability for his alleged crimes. With ongoing investigations and legal proceedings, efforts to apprehend the fugitive preacher persist, underscoring the resolve to bring him to justice.

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