Mt. Apo Natural Park Closure Extended Amid El Niño Threat

Mt. Apo Natural Park

As the specter of El Niño looms over the region, the management of Mt. Apo Natural Park (MANP) has taken proactive measures to mitigate the risks posed by the prolonged dry spell. In response to the heightened threat of wildfires and to safeguard the park’s diverse ecosystems, authorities have announced the extension of the temporary closure of MANP. Here are some details according to the report of GMA Regional TV News.

Extension of Closure

Originally slated for a duration of 10 days, the closure of all trails and access points to MANP for trekking and camping activities has now been extended until April 30, 2024. This decision was made by the Protected Area Management Board (PAMB) of MANP. It underscores the importance of prioritizing environmental conservation and visitor safety in the face of natural hazards.

The decision to prolong the closure stems from concerns regarding the ongoing El Niño phenomenon. This has exacerbated the dry conditions in the region. With the risk of wildfires heightened, authorities deemed it necessary to extend the closure period. This is to mitigate potential threats to the park’s fragile ecosystems and ensure the safety of visitors.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources-Davao (DENR-11) reaffirmed its dedication to safeguarding the rich biodiversity of Mt. Apo. DENR-11 emphasized the importance of the temporary closure in preserving the natural beauty and integrity of the park. They urged the public to support this preventive measure.

Rescheduling and Updates

Acknowledging the inconvenience, PAMB advised trekkers and mountaineers to coordinate with local organizers. They should reschedule their climbs accordingly. Meanwhile, the board pledged to provide timely updates regarding the reopening of the park. This underscores its commitment to transparency and public safety.

In a final appeal to the public, DENR-11 urged all stakeholders to join hands in protecting Mt. Apo and its surroundings. By adhering to the temporary closure, individuals can play a crucial role in preserving the natural heritage of this iconic landmark. Exercising vigilance in environmental conservation efforts is essential.


As Mt. Apo Natural Park faces challenges posed by El Niño, the extension of its closure underscores the proactive approach adopted by authorities. They aim to safeguard both the environment and the well-being of visitors. Through collective action and a shared commitment to conservation, stakeholders can work together to ensure the long-term sustainability of this treasured natural gem.

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