Chinese Nationals Accused of Illegal Mining Activity in Cagayan de Oro

Illegal Mining in Cagayan de Oro

In Cagayan de Oro City, apprehension mounts over suspected illegal mining activities involving Chinese nationals in Barangay Tumpagon. The Task Force Kinaiyahan has launched a comprehensive investigation into the matter following a complaint received by Engr. Armen Cuenca, the City Local Environment and Natural Resources Officer.

The complaint, initially posted on social media, alleges that Chinese nationals are engaged in unauthorized mining activities within the area. Notably, an elected Barangay Official of Tumpagon, Kagawad Cagmat, is reportedly accompanying the Chinese nationals. Purportedly serving as a gold buyer and negotiator for land surface areas linked to the potential illegal mining operation.

The gravity of these accusations has prompted concerns regarding potential environmental repercussions and the legality of the mining activities at hand. To address these issues, local authorities are actively pursuing a thorough investigation to ascertain the veracity of the claims. Also to take appropriate actions.

The involvement of Chinese nationals in such activities raises questions about adherence to local mining regulations and environmental conservation efforts. Task Force Kinaiyahan’s intervention underscores the significance of safeguarding local ecosystems and ensuring compliance with established legal frameworks.

Engr. Armen Cuenca’s role as the City Local Environment and Natural Resources Officer underscores the city’s commitment to environmental preservation and responsible resource management. The initiation of a probe based on citizen complaints demonstrates the community’s vigilance. And also determination to protect the region from potentially detrimental practices.

As the investigation unfolds, it is anticipate that findings will shed light on the true nature of the alleged illegal mining activities. Addressing concerns raised by citizens and ensuring that appropriate measures are taken to preserve the environmental integrity of Barangay Tumpagon and uphold legal standards within the mining sector. The case serves as a reminder of the ongoing challenges associated with managing natural resources responsibly. Altogether with the collaborative efforts required to address them effectively.

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