Flood-Prone Zones: Clearing for Rodding Operations

Rodding Operations
Rodding Operations

The Ancillary Services Unit (ASU) of Davao City is actively carrying out rodding operations in areas vulnerable to flooding. In a radio interview on Davao City Disaster Radio, Paul Bermejo, head of the ASU, detailed the ongoing efforts and training for the effective use of rodding machines under the guidance of the City Engineer’s Office (CEO).

Rodding machines play a crucial role in removing blockages like waste and mud between manholes. Ensuring smoother water flow to designated outfalls. This proactive approach is essential in mitigating flood risks, especially in critical areas.

Bermejo highlighted recent initiatives, including an ASU team assisting in Barangay Leon Garcia to clear debris from a recent fire and another team focused on canal cleaning in Matina Aplaya. He noted that canals are usually silted or open, with heavy waste clogging being a minor issue.

Despite an expected increase in waste during the holiday season, Bermejo reassured that the Davao City Environment and Natural Resources Office (Cenro) is effectively managing waste disposal. The ASU’s commitment to regular clean-up. And also a maintenance of canals is aimed at preventing silt accumulation and ensuring preparedness for potential heavy rains.

These ongoing rodding activities reflect Davao City’s dedication to enhancing its flood control measures. Prioritizing the safety and well-being of its residents through efficient environmental management and infrastructure maintenance.

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