Jeepney Drivers Face Uncertain Future as Deadline Approaches

Jeepney Drivers
Jeepney Drivers

Manila, Philippines – On Friday, January 12, a jeepney driver in Pedro Gil, Paco, Manila, diligently conducted a maintenance check on his jeepney. Little did he know that his livelihood, along with over 30,000 public utility jeepneys, would soon face an uncertain future.

Starting on February 1, more than 30,000 public utility jeepneys across the country will be deemed illegal and treated as “colorum” units. This looming deadline has left many jeepney drivers anxious about their livelihoods and the future of traditional jeepneys in the Philippines.

Senator Raffy Tulfo has recently expressed strong opposition to the government’s alleged plan to import modern jeepney units from China to replace the traditional jeepney vehicles. This move comes despite the fact that modern jeepneys made by local manufacturers are more affordable.

The debate surrounding the transition from traditional to modern jeepneys has sparked a nationwide discussion. Supporters argue that modernizing the jeepney fleet will lead to improved safety, comfort, and environmental benefits. However, critics like Senator Tulfo believe that this transition should prioritize supporting local manufacturers and preserving the traditional jeepney culture.

As the February 1 deadline approaches, jeepney drivers and operators are grappling with uncertainty and concerns about their livelihoods. The future of this iconic mode of transportation in the Philippines hangs in the balance, as discussions continue regarding the transition to modernization and the fate of the traditional jeepney.

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