Body Found in Ravine in Batangas Prompts Police Investigation

Body Found in Ravine

A disturbing discovery shook Barangay Tanggoy in Balayan, Batangas as authorities uncovered the body of an unidentified man in an advanced state of decomposition inside a 10-meter deep ravine. Someone found the body, clad in black shorts and shirt, concealed in a sack, raising suspicions of foul play.

Here are some details according to the report of Tutubi News Magazine.

Discovery and Initial Findings

A concerned citizen who noticed protruding feet from the sack made the grim find and promptly alerted the local police station. According to PLTCOL Merlin Pineda, Officer in Charge of Balayan Police Station, the victim also bore tattoos on both arms and had sustained multiple stab wounds, indicating a possible case of homicide.

Authorities swiftly transferred the body to a local funeral home in Balayan for further examination as they continue their investigation. Moreover, PLTCOL Pineda urged residents to report any suspicious activities or information to aid in identifying the victim and apprehending those responsible.

The discovery has alarmed residents of Barangay Tanggoy and the entire municipality of Balayan, prompting heightened vigilance among locals. Authorities are appealing to the public for any leads that could shed light on the victim’s identity and help solve the case swiftly.

Furthermore, residents are encouraged to contact the Balayan Police Station with any relevant information to assist in the ongoing investigation. The case underscores the need for community cooperation in maintaining security and swiftly resolving criminal incidents in the area.

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