75-Year-Old Man Hits 95-Year-Old Mother in Ilocos Norte

man hits mother

In a disturbing incident captured on camera in Ilocos Norte, a 75-year-old man hits his 95-year-old mother. Here are some details according to the report of GMA Regional TV News.

Details of the Incident

The incident was brought to light by a report from Raffy Tima on 24 Oras, where footage showed the elderly man pushing his mother into a room, causing her to fall. A younger woman intervened to assist the elderly woman.

Subsequent footage revealed the man hitting his mother while she lay in bed inside the room, disregarding her screams. Despite attempts by another man to intervene, the son continued his assault. At one point, when the elderly woman tried to rise, she was slapped back onto the bed by her son.

The situation escalated when a councilor intervened and called for help, leading to the rescue of the elderly woman. As of the latest update, she is reported to be in stable condition.

According to PCPT. Randy Damo from Solsona, Ilocos Norte Philippine National Police (PNP), the altercation allegedly began when the son became enraged after his mother refused to let him leave the house to attend a wake.

“They had a disagreement. Our suspect son asked permission from his mother to attend a wake. The son got irritated, which led him to harm her,” PCPT. Randy Damo stated.

Legal Response

Despite the severity of the incident, the elderly mother has opted not to press charges against her son. Instead, the police are recommending counseling for both individuals involved.

“She does not want to file charges, so our intervention will be counseling for both of them. The son, on his own accord, has apologized to his mother,” Damo further explained.

This distressing event highlights the critical need for awareness and support mechanisms for elderly abuse prevention. The decision to pursue counseling aims to address the underlying issues and prevent future occurrences of violence within the family.

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