21 Pertussis Cases Recorded Across Four Provinces in Bicol Region


The Department of Health Bicol Center for Health Development (DOH Bicol CHD) has reported a concerning uptick in pertussis, commonly known as whooping cough, with a total of 21 cases identified across four provinces in the Bicol Region. Here are some details according to the report of GMA Regional TV News.

Cases Breakdown

According to the DOH Bicol CHD-Regional Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit, the distribution of pertussis cases across provinces is as follows:

Camarines Sur: 9 cases
Albay: 6 cases
Sorsogon: 5 cases
Masbate: 1 case

This breakdown highlights the varying impact of the outbreak across the Bicol Region, with Camarines Sur bearing the brunt of the cases. Such regional disparities emphasize the need for targeted intervention strategies. Heightened surveillance efforts are necessary to effectively combat the spread of pertussis and protect public health.

Local Insights

Barangay Health Worker Marietta Almendral, from Barangay Sua, Camaligan, emphasizes the role of extreme heat. It exacerbates pertussis symptoms, particularly in children. Almendral urges parents to promptly seek medical assistance from local health centers. This is especially crucial if their children exhibit symptoms resembling pertussis, such as persistent coughing fits.

Despite the challenges posed by the outbreak, the community of Barangay Sua maintains a proactive approach to healthcare. They ensure that the majority of children are fully immunized against pertussis.

Preventive Measures

In light of the recent surge in this cases, the Department of Health underscores the importance of vaccination in preventing the spread of the disease. Health authorities urge parents to remain vigilant about their children’s vaccination status and adhere to the recommended immunization schedule to mitigate the risk of contracting pertussis.

As health authorities continue to monitor the situation closely, collaborative efforts between healthcare providers and communities are essential in containing the outbreak and safeguarding public health in the Bicol Region.

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