Woman Arrested for Drug Smuggling Attempt at Naga City District Jail

Drug Smuggling

In a brazen attempt to smuggle illegal drugs into the Naga City District Jail in Camarines Sur, a woman was apprehended by authorities. Maria Claire Anasin, 45, had 15 grams of suspected shabu, valued at around P102,000, concealed within her brassiere when authorities found her. Here are some details according to the report of GMA Regional TV News.

Smuggling Attempt Uncovered

Vigilant authorities thwarted Anasin’s drug smuggling attempt when they discovered the contraband wrapped in marking tape. Initially claiming to be carrying medicine for her incarcerated son, Anasin later confessed that an unidentified man instructed her to transport the illegal drugs into the jail premises.

According to Anasin, the man tasked her with delivering the substance, purportedly to eradicate pests in the detainees’ sleeping quarters. However, she maintains ignorance regarding the true nature of the package, stating that she was merely following orders without understanding the contents.

Ongoing Investigation

Authorities are currently investigating the identity of the intended recipient of the suspected shabu.
Officials’ determination to uncover any potential accomplices or networks involved in the smuggling operation remains steadfast, despite Anasin primarily focusing on seeing her son during her visits to the jail.

Acting Jail Warden Atty. Rodolfo Verzosa Jr. affirmed Anasin’s regular visits to her son within the facility. However, he emphasized the gravity of the drug smuggling attempt and the need for stringent security measures to prevent similar incidents in the future.

The apprehension of Anasin underscores the importance of ongoing efforts to combat drug-related activities within correctional facilities. Authorities actively maintain vigilance in pursuing justice and actively commit to safeguarding the integrity and security of detention centers across the region.

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