Woman Caught with P3.4M Suspected Shabu at Batangas Port

Shabu at Port

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) achieves a significant breakthrough in its fight against drug trafficking with the arrest of a woman at the Batangas Port. Allegedly in possession of suspected shabu worth P3.4 million, the apprehension underscores the agency’s relentless efforts to curb the illegal drug trade. Here are some details according to the report of GMA Regional TV News.

Intercepting a Courier

PDEA-Batangas operatives, conducting surveillance operations, intercepted the suspect as she attempted to pass through the Batangas Port. Riding a motorcycle, she was flagged down during the marshalling process, leading to the subsequent discovery of the illicit substances.

Upon inspection, authorities discovered plastic-wrapped packets of suspected shabu, carefully concealed inside a paper bag. With the assistance of K-9 units, including those from the Philippine Coast Guard, authorities confirmed the authenticity of the seized narcotics, leading to the woman’s arrest.

Law enforcement officials suspect the apprehended individual to be operating as a courier for a larger drug syndicate. The significant quantity of shabu—weighing 500 grams—suggests a well-organized distribution network, prompting investigations into the syndicate’s operations and connections.

The successful interception at the Batangas Port underscores the importance of interagency cooperation among law enforcement entities within Batangas Province. The seamless collaboration between PDEA and other agencies, such as the Philippine Coast Guard, played a pivotal role. It prevented the illegal substances from reaching their intended destination.

Investigative Measures

As authorities continue their probe, efforts are underway to trace the origin and intended recipients of the confiscated narcotics. The investigation aims to unravel the intricate network of drug trafficking and hold accountable all individuals involved in the illicit trade.

Authorities are currently holding the apprehended suspect in detention at the PDEA-Calabarzon office in Calamba City, Laguna. Legal proceedings are expected to follow, with authorities charging the suspect with drug trafficking and possession of illegal substances.

The successful seizure of suspected shabu at the Batangas Port demonstrates PDEA’s unwavering commitment to combatting drug trafficking. Through vigilant surveillance, collaborative efforts, and decisive action, law enforcement agencies continue to disrupt the operations of drug syndicates. They safeguard communities from the harmful effects of illegal drugs.

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