Sorsogon Authorities Seize P14M Worth of Suspected Illegal Drugs; 2 Arrested

Illegal Drugs

In a significant blow to illegal drug trafficking, authorities in Matnog, Sorsogon, seized an estimated P14 million worth of suspected shabu in a coordinated anti-drug operation. The successful raid also resulted in the apprehension of two individuals, including a high-value target in the region. Here are some details according to the report of GMA Regional TV News.

Operation Details and Arrests

The operation, jointly conducted by the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), the Philippine National Police (PNP), and other collaborating units, targeted a suspect residing in Barangay Hidhid. The two arrested men, both hailing from Lanao del Sur, were intercepted while traveling from Metro Manila to Samar but had made a stop in Matnog for alleged drug transactions.

Seizure of Suspected Shabu

During the arrest, law enforcement officials seized several tea bags cleverly labeled as ‘Refined Chinese Tea,’ concealing the illicit substance within. Upon further examination, authorities found the suspected shabu inside the tea bags, adding to the significant haul of illegal drugs intercepted.

As of the latest update, the apprehended suspects are under police custody, pending further investigation and legal proceedings. Authorities are intensifying efforts to gather additional information that may lead to the disruption of wider drug trafficking networks operating in the region.

Heightened Surveillance at Matnog Port

In response to the incident, PDEA-Sorsogon has bolstered surveillance measures, particularly at the Matnog Port, a crucial entry point for goods and travelers in the area. Officials are urging vigilance among travelers, especially during the Semana Santa holiday, to report any suspicious activities or attempts to smuggle illegal drugs into the province.

Statement from PDEA-Sorsogon

Adrian Fajardo, the Provincial Officer of PDEA Sorsogon, emphasized the importance of community vigilance in combating drug trafficking. He urged travelers to remain alert and observant, especially regarding the contents of their baggage, to prevent the proliferation of illegal drugs through ports like Matnog.

The successful joint operation reflects the unwavering commitment of law enforcement agencies to curb the illicit drug trade and safeguard communities from its detrimental effects.

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