Miracle on the Feast Day: Family Receives Healing Amid Nazareno Devotion

Miracle on the Feast Day
Miracle on the Feast Day

Aileen Noveda-Veloso and her family have been devoted followers of the Poong Nazareno, with her father leading the tradition of carrying the andas (carriage) during the annual procession. Aileen’s journey as a Nazareno devotee started with her father, who passed on the devotion to her and her siblings. The family has been actively participating in the procession, continuing the legacy of carrying the andas with reverence.

In 2020, the Veloso family faced a challenging moment when they learned that their mother was diagnosed with Stage 3 endometrial cancer. Despite the difficult circumstances, their devotion to the Poong Nazareno remained steadfast.

Aileen shared the emotional struggle they faced when their mother’s health was at stake: “If not operated on immediately, it will spread rapidly. That’s when I questioned the Lord. We were preparing a significant amount of money, but where would we get it at that time? It was during the pandemic.”

Three months after learning about their mother’s illness, a phone call changed their situation. On January 9, in the midst of the pandemic, Aileen decided to attend Mass in Quiapo,. Despite the challenges of a dead cellphone signal in the area. During the Mass, Aileen received a miraculous call that would alter their circumstances.

“During the mass, my phone rang when I answered the doctor. He said, ‘I’ve been trying to contact you. We were in Quiapo earlier because it’s the feast day, and the signal was cut off. But why did I reach you?'” recounted Aileen.

On that day, their mother received a scheduled appointment, and a year later, she was declared cancer-free. The Veloso family attributes this healing to the divine intervention they experienced on the Feast Day of the Poong Nazareno, turning a moment of despair into a miraculous testimony of faith.

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