Traslacion 2024: Over 700 Injuries Reported Amidst Massive Turnout

Traslacion 2024
Traslacion 2024

The Department of Health (DOH), in partnership with the Quiapo Church Operations Center, reported a total of 751 injuries during the Traslacion on January 9, as part of the Feast of the Black Nazarene. The event, which took place on January 9, saw an immense gathering of devotees, with the Quiapo Church Operations Center estimating a crowd of 1,947,508 at the church and 3,227,090 participants in the procession.

The breakdown of reported injuries includes two gastrointestinal injuries, 11 respiratory injuries, 40 trauma cases, 51 neuro cases, 11 cardio cases, and 636 other types of injuries. The Quiapo Church area, where many health-related incidents were recorded, saw one gastrointestinal case, seven respiratory injuries, eight trauma cases, 13 neuro cases, and 390 other injuries.

The procession segments experienced one gastrointestinal case, one respiratory injury, 29 trauma cases, 29 neuro cases, nine cardio cases, and 236 other injuries. Additionally, the Grandstand area recorded three respiratory injuries, three trauma cases, nine neuro cases, two cardio cases, and 10 other injuries.

Despite the high number of injuries, the event was notable for the absence of major incidents related to law, order, security, or general safety. The authorities successfully maintained control and ensured the safety of the participants, contributing to the overall success of the Traslacion.

The Traslacion’s significant turnout and the peaceful conduct of the event reflect the deep devotion and faith of the Filipino people. The health and safety challenges faced during such large-scale religious gatherings underline the importance of continued vigilance and preparedness by health and safety personnel.

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