Swift Spillway Incident: Students Rescued from Perilous Currents!

Students Rescued
Students Rescued

In a dramatic turn of events, three female students were rescued from a dangerous situation at a spillway in Barangay Pambuhan, Mercedes, Camarines Norte. The students were crossing the spillway on their way back from school when they were suddenly swept away by a strong current. Exacerbated by continuous days of heavy rain.

The swift action of local residents, including barangay tanods, was pivotal in the successful rescue of the students. One of the students vividly described the ordeal. Stating that they initially felt weak and were caught off-guard by the sudden surge of the river. Jobert Ambrosio, a barangay tanod, detailed the quick response. With some people swimming after the students while others ran downstream to catch them.

Juancho Babagay, a councilman and another barangay tanod, highlighted the recurring issue of flooding in the area. Especially during heavy rains. He noted that while the construction of the spillway and an accompanying footbridge had been beneficial, they were not entirely suite to the river’s dynamics.

As heavy rainfall is ongoing, authorities have taken the precaution of suspending classes across the entire province. It is to ensure the safety of students. This incident underscores the importance of community vigilance and quick response in emergency situations. As well as the need for adequate infrastructure to cope with natural weather events.

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