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“TahanangPinakamasaya” Debuts as TAPE Inc. and GMA-7’s New Noontime Show Title


TAPE Inc. and GMA-7 have made a bold move in the Philippine television landscape by unveiling “TahanangPinakamasaya” as the fresh title for their iconic noontime show, effective immediately as of January 6. This strategic rebranding follows a recent legal milestone where the legendary trio, Tito, Vic, and Joey (TVJ), emerged victorious in a copyright infringement and unfair competition case against TAPE Inc. and GMA-7. The Makati Regional Trial Court delivered the decisive verdict on January 5. Setting in motion substantial transformations within the noontime show sphere.

In response to the legal developments, TVJ has swiftly reclaimed the cherished title “Eat Bulaga” for their noontime program. It commenced on January 6. Notably, the show now finds a new home on TV5 and CNN Philippines. The restoration of the “Eat Bulaga” moniker marks a poignant moment for fans. Evoking nostalgia for the show’s extensive and iconic history in Philippine television.

“TahanangPinakamasaya” heralds a new era for TAPE Inc. and GMA-7, signifying a pivotal chapter as they forge ahead with a commitment to entertain and engage audiences under this innovative banner. This shift underscores the dynamic and adaptive nature of the Philippine entertainment industry. Showcasing its resilience in navigating both legal and creative challenges while ensuring a continued captivation of its loyal audience.

As the curtains rise on “TahanangPinakamasaya,” audiences can anticipate fresh and exciting content, emblematic of TAPE Inc. and GMA-7’s dedication to providing quality entertainment. The rebranding is not just a legal necessity but a creative evolution that reflects the industry’s ability to evolve. And thrive in response to the ever-changing landscape. Through this transition, the collaboration between TAPE Inc. and GMA-7 aims to set a new standard for engaging programming. Inviting viewers to join them on this captivating journey into the future of Philippine television.

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